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The Roadshow Tour 2018
$10 at the door


Want to sit close to the stage, get exclusive merch, and so much more?

02.16 Charlottesville, VA Details
02.17 Hershey, PA Details
02.18 Charleston, WV Details
02.22 Cape Girardeau, MO Details
02.23 Tulsa, OK Details
02.24 Albuquerque, NM Details
02.25 Phoenix, AZ* Details
03.01 Henderson, NV Details
03.02 Stockton, CA Details
03.03 Fresno, CA Details
03.04 Ontario, CA Details
03.08 Boise, ID Details
03.09 Portland, OR Details
03.10 Seattle, WA Details
03.11 Spokane, WA Details
03.15 Reno, NV Details
03.16 Salt Lake City, UT Details
03.17 Colorado Springs, CO Details
03.18 Wichita Falls, TX Details
03.22 Cypress, TX* Details
03.23 Lubbock, TX Details
03.24 College Station, TX* Details
03.25 Dallas, TX* Details


Charlottesville, VA 02.16 Go VIP Details
Hershey, PA 02.17 Go VIP Details
Charleston, WV 02.18 Go VIP Details
Cape Girardeau, MO 02.22 Go VIP Details
Tulsa, OK 02.23 Go VIP Details
Albuquerque, NM 02.24 Go VIP Details
Henderson, NV 03.01 Go VIP Details
Stockton, CA 03.02 Go VIP Details
Fresno, CA 03.03 Go VIP Details
Ontario, CA 03.04 Go VIP Details
Boise, ID 03.08 Go VIP Details
Portland, OR 03.09 Go VIP Details
Seattle, WA 03.10 Go VIP Details
Spokane, WA 03.11 Go VIP Details
Reno, NV 03.15 Go VIP Details
Salt Lake City, UT 03.16 Go VIP Details
Colorado Springs, CO 03.17 Go VIP Details
Wichita Falls, TX 03.18 Go VIP Details
Cypress, TX* 03.22 Tickets Go VIP Details
Lubbock, TX 03.23 Go VIP Details
College Station, TX* 03.24 Tickets Go VIP Details
Dallas, TX* 03.25 Tickets Go VIP Details

* = alternate ticket pricing

"The overwhelming sense of community I felt while I was there... hearing the Gospel. Singing all together. The jokes. The easy way the show flows—like we're all family. I love that!"

- Roadshow Fan

"It's a great value and allows us to buy tickets for others who might not otherwise get to attend & hear the messages."

- Roadshow Fan

"I love the dynamics of worshiping our Lord with thousands of people. The show is always well put together and the encouraging stories really help those who need to hear that there is hope in Jesus."

- Roadshow Fan

"I have been to four Roadshow concerts and each one has ministered to my spirit in very personal and life changing ways. [...] It is also such a rush and spirit-lifting experience to be with so many fellow believers worshiping, praising and praying."

- Roadshow Fan